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Paneils Restaurant only request your name, telephone number and Email address in order to process table reservation requests. The information is sent and stored over a secure network to our (Google) Gmail account and is only used for the purpose of confirming table bookings.  We do not sell or pass your details to third parties. Data is held for a maximum of 24 months.

Cookies (zero chocolate and no cookie jar)
We place cookies on your browser via our webhosting company (Yahoo Small Business) who collect and store non personal information (IP Address) for the purpose of collecting statistics such as number of visitors, geographic location and pages viewed.  Cookies also help our website function better and remember preferences.  This does not identify you personally. You can clear and prevent cookies in the settings section of your browser, however doing so may delete all saved preferences and log you out of all other websites.

Our location:

Calle la Palma, 12, 03501 Benidorm.

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